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If you buy bulk ammo online, search for caliber or manufacturer. When you look through our inventory, whether it’s import and American ammunition, you’ll see the exact amount we have in stock. We don’t order backorders and play games or make promises that we cannot keep. You will see what you can expect at the lowest prices on ammo.

Why should necessarily need a fire arm?

What is it that makes the right to carry and keep arms vital? The simple answer is that the right to defend himself against violence is essential to a civilized society. Self-defense is a fundamental protection against violations by individuals, or oppression by institutions, for instance, an ever more powerful and unreliable government. It has been proven time and time again that without this protection, powerful rulers can use force to subjugate and oppress the rights of innocent people. Therefore, we believe that the most effective ammo deals can help Americans remain armed.


This is the fourth time using them. Both times when i placed an order, they were at night and shipped the following morning. In this case, shipment went out next day at 8:43 am. That's faster than by body armor company and my gun accessory company, by far.

Jerry C

I've been ordering from this company for quite a few years now and have Never been disappointed. They have a fantastic variety of products that are competitively priced.

Lee M

Their delays with shipping and customer service could use some improvement. We were expecting delivery on Sunday, October 17, due to their (FedEx) high-tech tracker had set the expectation. However, it currently, it is delayed until 10/20...which will of course be moved automatically to the next day, if they choose to allow it to sit over 24 hours at their facility the third time since placing an order 10/14.

I emailed LG customer service and received an unspecific response within 10 minutes. Concerning drivers getting into "all kinds of trouble that are out there". The website doesn't say to be prepared for the "all kinds of trouble" delay after I placed my order it, but they do say "fast shipment" on the site. Funny. There was no compensation to compensate me for my frustration.

I guess LG will take the money back guarantee from FedEx and hold it , instead of transferring it to my credit card. I hope that my expensive ammo will arrive prior to my departure to work at 6pm tomorrow instead of sitting on my porch just waiting to be taken away or raining/snowed upon after I go out.

I'm not expecting to receive a package during normal times, but FedEx prefers to delay deliveries until 8 pm. It's my fault that I am a hardworking worker who contributes instead of sitting at home and taking free government cheddar.

 I'll be sure to order from their Oklahoma competitors in the near future because they are nearer to my state and each mile of highway in the midwest is in flames and blocked by new cartel members who have arrived. FJB.


good prices and very quick shipping! Recommended! Very satisfied with them.

Christoph G

All I have to say is I was EXTREMELY impressed on the turn around time to receive my ammo .
Good prices and fast shipping! That's how a good business is run, and keeps the customer Coming back! That's what you get at Lucky Gunner!
Also they had stock and if they didn't have it in stock, you didn't know it and that's a good thing. There's nothing worse than seeing a page full of OUT OF STOCK!! A++++

Clark G

Some of the critiques posted here are very untrue. First of all I'm an experienced FedEx delivery driver and will inform you that large boxes (like ones that hold thousands of rounds) are damaged by transportation and handling. Ammunition Seeker (at least at this moment) provides free over-packaging however, you must choose it when you check out. This is a great way in preventing broken boxes and ammo that is lost.

There is also no anything like free shipping. If a company claims shipping is free, they will raise the cost of each unit to cover the overall cost of shipping.
I made my order just a few days before Christmas and received my package the next day following Christmas. The package was intact and packed in the manner I would like everyone could ship packages (would make my life much easier.)
People who complain about the appearance of old or dirty ammunition probably purchased corrosive or reloaded cases , and did not bother to read the description.
If you're having a problem with any of the above , and the Company gives you anything to ease your pain, charges, be thankful and cease to be Gama. Gama.
I am very pleased with the company's speed and high quality. We will continue to do business with them in the near future.

Wonderful people! Ammo comes to my house. Sometimes it takes 3 days, even when it's only one box. The email that they send to thank you for your support is genuine and sincere. It's also a good source of American ammunition.

Ferran A

No Refund

I purchased two boxes ammunition and was sent via UPS that never made it to me. After investigating the issue, UPS claimed that I had refused delivery, then they delivered it to a local access point, but they did not tell me. After about a week, it was returned and I received a note to Ammunition Seeker saying they are charging me for shipping and restocking charges and the balance will be a credit to the store. I was able to dispute this charge to my credit card provider. after a month, the credit was reinstated on my account and I was instructed to call Lucky Gunner which I did and they have since informed me that they're not going to even honour the credit from the store. The bottom line is that I paid $94.00 and don't have anything to demonstrate it. Their policies are the most shady I've ever encountered and aren't clearly stated when I ordered.

Jeff L
Jeff L
Phone: (415) 320-1072
Fax: (415) 320-1072
1486 funston ave
San Francisco, California