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We believe that arming fellow Americans physically as well as philosophically – can help to fulfill the Founding Fathers purpose through the Second Amendment: To be a check on the power of the state.



Quality Assurance is ensured at every stage using modern tools and the eye of the customer. It is the result of ammunition that has been inspected by the most advanced technologies and packed in love by employees who are concerned to ensure your happiness.


Our goal is simple. We step through our doors each day and make all our effort into designing and produce the finest ammunition available and beyond.


Our mission is very simple. We walk through the doors every day and put our best efforts to design and manufacture the best ammunition in the world, without exception.


Ammunition Seeker is one of the few companies that sells ammo but also manufacturing ammunition with its own ballistics lab in-house. It is equipped with pressure sensors as well as the Oehler 85 Acoustical velocity and targeting system.