The .243 Winchester  is a wildly popular sport firearm cartridge. It was designed as a flexible short-action cartridge that could hunt small and medium games. The cartridge “took whitetail hunting by storm” [22] when introduced in 1955. It remains among the top well-known Whitetail Deer cartridges

What Calibre is the 243 winchester?

The .243 Win. was designed by Winchester in 1955 to be used for their Model 70 bolt-action and Model 88 lever-action rifles. Its small to medium-sized game calibre’s primary function is to capture four-legged creatures rather than two-legged ones.

What shoots the 243 ammo?

It is also employed to harvest pronghorns, blacktail deer and Mule deer using heavier rounds and is equally suitable for hunting varmints with lighter rounds. The 243 models are based upon a necked down. 308 Winchester, introduced only three years ago

Where can you buy bulk 243 ammo?

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