Atomic Tactical Cycling Subsonic 5.56x45mm NATO


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Atomic Tactical Cycling Subsonic 5.56x45mm NATO: Silent and Deadly Precision

Suppressed Shooting

Atomic Tactical Cycling Subsonic 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition is designed for suppressed shooting, offering a silent and stealthy performance. The subsonic rounds reduce the noise and recoil, allowing you to maintain maximum accuracy and stay undetected in tactical situations.

Deadly Precision

With its precision engineering and premium components, Atomic Tactical Cycling Subsonic 5.56x45mm NATO delivers deadly accuracy. Whether you’re on a covert mission or engaging targets at long distances, these rounds will help you hit your mark with lethal precision.

Reliable Cycling

Atomic ensures reliable cycling with every round. The cycling consistency ensures smooth shooting, preventing misfires and jams, making it the go-to choice for elite law enforcement and military units.

5.56x45mm NATO Reliability; Performance; Safety; Affordability

Those are the four principles that are the foundation Atomic Ammunition has built their company on. Over the last several years Atomic Ammunition has conducted an extensive due diligence processes to come up with proprietary loadings for rifles and self-defense pistols. They utilized three of the most renowned independent test laboratories in the United States to reconfirm their findings and the safety of each load. 

NB: please we have a minimum order on this product that should be 8 box of 50

Atomic’ s Tactical Cycling Subsonic ammunition is specially loaded with Atomic’s proprietary and exclusive Tactical Subsonic bullets. These extra heavy bullets are over an inch long and are designed to tumble in soft targets resulting a massive entry wound, trauma and permanent wound channel.  These bullets will not tumble and result in baffle strikes in properly aligned and sized suppressors.  This ammunition is perfect for use with 5.56 or larger suppressors. Atomic’s 5.56 TCS has similar ballistic performance to 9mm/115 FMJ loads and more than DOUBLE the energy than any 22 LR subsonic load! Atomic’s  5.56 Tactical Cycling Subsonic ammunition is designed for close range tactical use, not long range match or hunting.  For best accuracy and results use within 25 Yards/Meters and in rifles with 1 in 7″ or faster twist rates. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer-primed, reloadable brass cases 5.56x45mm NATO


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