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The Winchester Super Target 12 Gauge holds a special place among shotgun enthusiasts. Renowned for its exceptional performance in target shooting, this shotgun has earned a reputation for its accuracy, reliability, and versatility. In this article, we will explore the history, features, benefits, and tips for using the Winchester Super Target 12 Gauge to enhance your shooting experience.

Winchester Super Target shotshells provide consistent patterns and contain consistent, clean-burning powder and primer. They also feature a hinged wad for reduced felt-recoil and increased velocity.

Attribute Value
Gauge 12 Gauge
Type Lead
Length 2.75″
Ounces 1 1/8 oz
Shot Size 8
Muzzle Velocity 1145 fps
Rounds 500
Rounds 500
Application Sporting Clays/Trap
Manufacturer Part Number TRGT128

The Winchester Super Target 12 Gauge boasts impressive specifications that set it apart from its competitors. With its 12-gauge size, suitable for various shooting applications, and a well-designed choke system, it ensures consistent and tight shot patterns. The shotgun’s barrel length and chamber length further contribute to its performance, making it a top pick for target shooting enthusiasts.


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